Business Is a Contact Sport

Business is a contact sport. And every contact counts, as does the way you treat them. After all, your customers are your competition’s potential customers. And those you’ve yet to reach, well, their business is only one good play away. The competitor who wins their business will most likely do so by utilizing whatever means possible to reach them first and best. Make no mistake about it, whether your competition considers you a threat or not, they want you to be a casualty. Business is the toughest of sports!

Your Business’s Shore of Opportunity…or Destruction

Every entrepreneur and business owner out there knows this truth: Customers are the lifeblood of success. It is probably fair to say that there is a mental awareness of this but all too often we become complacent to this truth. Finding and keeping customers can mean the difference between handicapping your business, growing it, or risking losing it altogether.

Bridging the Gap Between Perception and Reality

Business-to-Business is dead. We now live in the world of P2P, or People-to-People. As you come to grips with this reality, you might as well go ahead and acknowledge that B2C is gone, too. Given the plethora of software products and apps generally categorized as social media, one would naturally assume that individuals must be closer than ever with those in our networks. However, that is simply not true with regard to our real relationships.